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The distinguishing feature of DENO's SOB LED strip compared to COB LED strips is its meticulous individual screening of each light source for color consistency. Like classic LED strips, we maintain SDCM ≤5 Step-1Bin across all batches, ensuring uniformity within each batch and consistency between different batches—an unparalleled advantage of SOB products. Should you require stricter SDCM standards, such as SDCM ≤3 Step-1Bin, please contact our sales team. SOB LED light strips offer significantly smaller customized minimum order quantities compared to COB LED strips.


  • Application of SOB Technology: Utilizing COB technology, small-sized chips like 2216 SMD LEDs are mounted on the strip's circuit board, creating an integrated linear high-density light source.
  • High Integration: Designs featuring 2216 small-sized LEDs allow for dense integration on the strip, achieving higher brightness within limited space.
  • Flexibility: SOB uses small-sized SMD LEDs with built-in bend-resistant brackets, enhancing heat dissipation and overall flexibility, making them suitable for curved and irregular applications.


  • High Brightness: Addressing heat dissipation effectively, SOB LED Strip combines high-density SMD LEDs with FPC design to provide intense illumination suitable for demanding environments.
  • Uniform Lighting: Highly integrated LED chips ensure SOB LED strips deliver uniform light distribution.
  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional COB LED strips, SOB LED strips have higher energy efficiency, effectively saving energy.
  • High Reliability: The use of high-density SMD LEDs and protective brackets reduces inter-component connections, enhancing overall reliability and stability.
  • Flexibility: Similar to classic FPC LED strips, SOB LED strips maintain excellent flexibility, suitable for various curved surfaces and specialized installations.

Despite higher manufacturing costs compared to traditional LED or COB strips, resulting in relatively higher product prices, SOB LED strips are increasingly popular in high-quality indoor and decorative lighting markets. Their exceptional brightness, uniform light distribution, and design flexibility make them ideal for environments requiring superior illumination and aesthetic appeal.

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