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DENO's High Light Efficacy LED Strip Series stands out as a leading choice in the lighting industry, renowned for its exceptional performance and innovative design. The entire series complies with ErP standards and utilizes high-quality FPC materials, ensuring excellent heat dissipation. Incorporating advanced features such as multiple LED series connection and linear constant current IC technology, these products achieve luminous efficacy up to 160lm/W, and even surpassing 170lm/W.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing and validation, combined with advanced waterproofing techniques, to guarantee stability and reliability across various applications. Whether for industrial, commercial, or outdoor lighting, the High Light Efficacy LED Strip Series demonstrates maturity and outstanding performance.

Compared to conventional LED strips, DENO's products significantly reduce energy consumption while nearly doubling the lumen output, resulting in substantial energy efficiency improvements and superior lighting effects. This not only saves energy costs but also offers environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting solutions.

Whether you seek high-efficiency lighting solutions or superior lighting performance, DENO's High Light Efficacy LED Strip Series meets your needs, delivering exceptional lighting experiences and significant economic benefits for your projects.

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