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DENO's High Lumen LED Strip Series is designed to deliver impressive luminosities ranging from 2500lm/m up to nearly 5000lm/m, making them ideal for a wide array of applications. The product lineup includes ultra-density high lumen LED strips with high LED count per meter, as well as multi-line options with widths up to 20mm. We also offer high light efficacy variants achieving up to 180lm/W, ensuring exceptional brightness coupled with energy efficiency.

1. High Luminosity: Offers luminosity ranging from 2500lm/m to nearly 5000lm/m, providing exceptional brightness for various applications.
2. Ultra-Density Design: Features high LED count per meter, maximizing light output and uniformity.
3. High Lumen LED Strip Multi-Line Options: Available in widths up to 20mm, catering to diverse installation requirements.
4. High Light Efficacy: Some variants achieve up to 180lm/W, ensuring high brightness with energy efficiency.
5. Customizable Solutions: As a dedicated manufacturing facility, DENO excels in delivering tailored solutions to meet specific customer needs.

DENO's High Lumen LED Strip Series is meticulously crafted to meet diverse customer needs across various industries. Each high lumen LED strip is equipped with appropriate waterproofing options, enhancing their suitability for both indoor and outdoor environments. Suitable for high-intensity general illumination, focused accent lighting, elegant cove lighting, practical under-cabinet illumination, atmospheric bar lighting, robust industrial applications, precise photography setups, and more.Our commitment to customization is another hallmark; as a dedicated manufacturing facility, DENO excels in delivering tailored solutions. If your specific requirements are not met by our existing product catalog, our sales team stands ready to collaborate closely with you. Explore the comprehensive range of DENO's flexible LED strip lights using the intuitive Filter product selector on our website. Discover how our advanced technologies and customer-centric approach can elevate your lighting projects to new heights of performance and efficiency.


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