Research and Development

Focusing on Linear Lighting, Leading Industry Innovation

As a technology company specializing in linear lighting solutions, DENO enjoys a good reputation in the industry. We are one of the earlier manufacturers that established a comprehensive operational professional laboratory and testing facility for LED strip lights, possessing industry-leading technical strength and R&D capabilities.

A strong R&D team is the key to DENO’s continuous innovation. Our R&D department includes a technology research division and a product development division, shouldering the important mission of ensuring the company maintains an industry-leading position and developing new products that meet market demands.

Innovative Products Driven by User Needs

Our technology research team tracks market dynamics and industry trends, providing strategic insights. Meanwhile, our product development division delivers customized ODM/OEM services and continuously optimizes our flagship products to maintain a competitive edge.
Leveraging our strong R&D, DENO secures multiple patents annually and introduces innovative products. Guided by user needs, we relentlessly advance our technology to provide higher-quality lighting solutions.

Advancing R&D for Industry Leadership

Looking to the future, DENO will continue to uphold the core philosophy of “technological innovation,” further enhancing its position as a leader in the linear lighting field. We will continue to increase R&D investment, deepen our technological accumulation, and provide customers with more forward-looking lighting innovations, jointly creating a brighter tomorrow.

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