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The Built-in IC LED light strip series refers to a design where one LED in the series circuit is embedded with a constant current IC chip. This innovative approach eliminates the need for additional electronic components on the FPC surface, resulting in a cleaner and more streamlined circuit layout. Leveraging these advantages, DENO has developed several specialized products:

The Ultra-long Built-in IC 2835 LED strip light series, capable of single-end power supply up to 10 meters, 20 meters, or even 30 meters.

The Ultra-density Built-in IC 2835 LED strip light series, featuring closely spaced LEDs to maximize lighting intensity and achieve a Dot free effect.

The Ultra-narrow Built-in IC 2835 LED strip light series, utilizing 5mm FPC based on 2835 LEDs, ideal for compact-sized applications.

This series of LED strips uses single-end power supply, and for lengths not exceeding 10 meters, the luminous efficacy can reach over 150 lm/W. These innovative products meet diverse usage needs and have received widespread praise from many satisfied customers.

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