10mm | 24V | 33.3cut | 14207 | SOB Dim to Warm LED strip light

  • The SOB Dim to Warm LED Strip Light offers natural, seamless dimming for perfect lighting. As you dim the lights, the color temperature automatically shifts from 3000K to 1800K, creating a warmer ambiance.
  • The flexible SOB Dim to Warm LED Strip Light is easily dimmable and controllable with TRIAC, PWM dimming, and 0/1-10V dimming.
  • Advanced LED technology enables this dynamic strip to produce a candle-like glow similar to traditional incandescent lighting, while offering innovative versatility and peak performance, suitable for almost any space.
  • No need for extra covers, making it perfect for areas with low clearance or reflective surfaces to eliminate spot-glare. Applications include general accent lighting, shelving lighting, cove lighting, lobby lighting, commercial lighting, backlighting, and more.

Technical Details

Part No.


SMD Type



DC 24V

Power Option


Lumen/m (max.)


Lumen/W (max.)





Ra ≥90

Related Specifications

length: 5m(16.4′)

Cutting unit: 14LEDs/33.33mm(1.31″)

LED Spacing: 2.381mm(0.09′′)

LED Height: 2.6mm(0.10′′)

Mounting: 3M tape

Min. bend diameter: Φ60mm(2.36″)

Copper foil: 3oz

On-off times: 10000(test times)

IP Rate: IP20/IP66

Warranty: 3 years (Warranty is based on indoor use)

Product Photo-electric Parameters

Dimming ratio Power CCT LM/m LM/W Energy Efficiency Class
10% 1.3W 1953K 46 35 G
20% 2W 1988K 97 48 G
30% 2.7W 2048K 149 55 G
40% 3.6W 2161K 223 61 G
50% 4.9W 2334K 325 66 G
60% 6.8W 2542K 470 69 G
70% 9.2W 2713K 650 70 G
80% 11.7W 2844K 863 74 G
90% 13.4W 2939K 1078 80 G
100% 16.4W 3019K 1352 82 G

Product Accessories

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