Production Facility

Production Facility

DENO operates sophisticated production and office facilities. Each year, we export innovative lighting products to various industries globally, with our LED strips widely used in hotels, stores, kitchens and more.
As a leading manufacturer and exporter, we take pride in developing customizable LED lighting solutions that elevate ambiance and energy efficiency for commercial and residential spaces worldwide. Our R and D team continuously innovates lighting technologies, optimizing light quality and design for different settings and needs. We are committed to creating products that enhance user experiences and sustainability.

  • 2 SOB automated production lines.
  • 1 silicone molding production line.
  • 2 integrating sphere
  • 1 aging test equipment line.
  • 1 automotive label production line.
  • 1 wire terminal molding line.
  • 3 SONY high-speed SMT machines are deployed
  • 1 reflow soldering machines
  • 2 automated board soldering machines.

The Link To Quality Linear Lighting

We continuously look to the future and earn customers’ trust through providing quality products and excellent service.

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