10mm | 24V | 140LEDs | 28.8W | 50cut | #2518 | High Lumen 2835 LED Strip Light

The robust pure copper LED frame, with a diameter greater than 1 millimeter and encapsulated in 99.99% pure gold wire, along with large chip integration, allows the LED to withstand up to 150mA, yet in our practical LED strips, we use a maximum of 60mA, which is less than 50% of its capacity. This product, manufactured by the DENO factory, not only boasts high efficiency and excellent heat dissipation but also stands out as a popular and classic 2835 high lumen LED strip light. Depending on your specific application needs, different power options can be adjusted accordingly.

The cutting length of this 140 LEDs/m 2835 LED strip light is the same as that of the 120 LEDs/m strip, with intervals of 50mm. However, compared to the 120 LEDs/m version, this 140LEDs per meter 2835 LED strip offers higher light efficiency. At the same power, the temperature of the 140 LEDs/m version is better regulated.

Technical Details

Part No.


SMD Type

2835 SMD


140 LEDs/m


DC 24V

Power Option


PCB Width


Lumen/m (max.)

3530 lm/m @4000K

Lumen/W (max.)

126 lm/W @4000K




Ra ≥80


Ra ≥90


Ra ≥95


≤3 Step 1Bin

Related Specifications

Length(max.):  5m(16.4′)  ¹⁾

Cutting Unit: 7LEDs/50mm(1.968”)

LED Spacing: 7.1mm(0.28”)

LED Height: 0.9mm(0.035″)

Mounting: 3M (USA)

Min. bend diameter: Φ60mm(2.362″)

Copper foil:  3oz  ²

Pure Gold wire: 99.99%

On-off times: 10000

IP Rate: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68

Warranty: 5 years

Certification:ETL, CE

¹⁾ Single-sided input can reach up to 5 meters, while dual-sided input extends up to 10 meters.
²⁾ 3oz means a thickness of 3 times 34.79µm, rather than the commonly used 25µm or 18µm per ounce in the market.

Product Photo-electric Parameters


Power CRI Color C.C.T. LM/m LM/W Erp 2019
27.84W/m Ra≥90 SWW 1900K 2664.3 95.7 F
27.84W/m Ra≥90 SWW 2300K 2968.2 106.6 F
27.84W/m Ra≥90 WW 2700K 3211.6 115.4 E
27.84W/m Ra≥90 WW 3000K 3379.8 121.4 E
27.84W/m Ra≥90 WW 3500K 3440.1 123.6 E
27.84W/m Ra≥90 NW 4000K 3523.0 126.5 E
27.84W/m Ra≥90 NW 5000K 3520.9 126.5 E
27.84W/m Ra≥90 PW 6500K 3377.7 121.3 E


Power CRI Color C.C.T. LM/m LM/W Erp 2019
13.68W/m Ra≥90 SWW 1900K 1785 130.5 F
13.68W/m Ra≥90 SWW 2300K 1988 145.4 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 WW 2700K 2152 157.3 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 WW 3000K 2264 165.5 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 WW 3500K 2305 168.5 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 NW 4000K 2360 172.6 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 NW 5000K 2359 172.3 E
13.68W/m Ra≥90 PW 6500K 2263 165.4 E

Ra≥95 / FS

Power CRI Color C.C.T. LM/m LM/W Erp 2019
13.68W/m Ra≥95 WW 2700K 1323 96 F
13.68W/m Ra≥95 WW 3000K 1397 102 F
13.68W/m Ra≥95 WW 3500K 1439 105 F
13.68W/m Ra≥95 NW 4000K 1478 108 F

¹⁾ 28.8W/m version: The calculated theoretical value is 28.8W/m, while the actual tested value of the product is 27.84W/m. This high-power LED strip version is usually customized for customers with special application requirements and is commonly used in conjunction with additional heat-dissipating aluminum materials. The power range for this 2835 LED strip light is customizable between 4.8W/m and 28.8W/m.
²⁾ 14.4W/m version: The calculated theoretical value is 14.4W/m, while the actual tested value of the product is 13.68W/m.  Single-sided input can reach up to 5 meters (one end cable), while dual-sided input extends up to 10 meters (dual ends cable).
³⁾ This product offers options for a CRI greater than 95 or Full Spectrum. Please refer to the relevant parameter table in Table 3 for the photometric and electrical parameters of the LED strip light.
*    The table only shows parameters for Ra ≥90 2835 ultra-density Built-in IC LED Strip Light. We can provide Render Index of Ra≥80, Ra≥90, and Ra≥95, with full-spectrum options available. For specific color scheme requirements, customization is welcome. Custom designs are a specialty of DENO.
**   Output data tolerance may vary by up to 10~15%. The output data is tested according to IES TM-30-15 standards. Output data is specified for IP20 one meter. IP protection processes may alter dimensions, CCT, and luminous flux.

Product Accessories

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