10mm | 36V | 90LEDs | 6.8W | 100cut | #63850 | 2835 Ultra-long LED strip light

By incorporating linear constant current technology and utilizing 3oz FPC copper thickness and 99.99% pure gold wire, the 36V flexible bulit in IC 2835 super long LED light strip can achieve extended lengths and lifespan without concerns of brightness variation.

This LED strip supports multiple external dimming modes, including 0-10V, DALI, and PWM, allowing for versatile lighting control. It provides uniform brightness with one-sided power input, enabling lengths of up to 30 meters.

The built-in intelligent IC inside the LED offers a sleek appearance and better bendable reliability compared to ICs on the PCB. With less than 3 SDCM and a single bin for each order, it provides a professional linear lighting effect.

Technical Details

Part No.


SMD Type

2835 SMD




DC 36V

Power Option


Lumen/m (max.)

755 lm/m @4000K

Lumen/W (max.)

110 lm/W @4000K




Ra ≥90


≤3 Step 1Bin

PCB Width


Beam Angle


IP Process









5 years

Related Specifications

Version: C.C.¹⁾

Length(max.): 30m²⁾

Cutting Unit: 9LEDs/100mm(3.94”)

LED Spacing: 11.112mm(0.44”)

LED Height: 0.9mm(0.035′′)

Mounting: 3M (USA)

Min. bend: Φ60mm(2.36″)

Copper foil: 3oz³⁾

Pure Gold wire:  99.99%

On-off times: 10000(test times)

Eye security:IEC 62471



EMC compliance:EN 55015

¹⁾  (C.C.) Constant Current: Using linear constant current ICs and proper circuit design ensures uniform brightness across all LEDs. Just use constant voltage power supply
²⁾  Single-sided input can reach up to 30 meters, while dual-sided input extends up to ≤60 meters.
³⁾  3oz means a thickness of 3 times 34.79µm. DENO does not use 25µm or 18µm per ounce.

Product Photo-electric Parameters

Power CRI Color Color Temperature LM/m LM/W Energy Efficiency Class
6.8W Ra≥90 SWW 2700K 687 101 F
6.8W Ra≥90 WW 3000K 728 107 F
6.8W Ra≥90 NW 4000K 755 111 E
6.8W Ra≥90 PW 6500K 721 106 F

*    The table only shows parameters for Ra ≥90 Bulit in IC 2835 Super long LED Light Strip. We can provide Render Index of Ra≥80, Ra≥90, and Ra≥95, with full-spectrum options available. For specific color scheme requirements, customization is welcome. Custom designs are a specialty of DENO.
**   Output data tolerance may vary by up to 10~15%. The output data is tested according to IES TM-30-15 standards. Output data is specified for IP20 one meter. IP protection processes may alter dimensions, CCT, and luminous flux.

Product Accessories

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