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What is Flexible Dim to Warm LED Strip Light?

1. Product Overview

The flexible Dim to Warm LED strip light utilizes the principle of PWM dimming, incorporating a unique dual-color temperature LED circuit design. During the PWM dimming process, it automatically transitions from cool white to warm white, creating a soft and comfortable lighting ambiance. This "dim to warm" characteristic is the core highlight of the Dim to Warm LED strip light.

2. Product Features

1. Utilizes 1800K warm white and 4000K cool white LED chips arranged in an alternating pattern.

2. Automatically transitions the color temperature from 3000K to 1800K as the light is dimmed, achieving a gentle and comfortable lighting effect.

3. Supports seamless dimming from 100% down to approximately 1% brightness.

4. Lower brightness results in a lower color temperature, enhancing the "dim to warm" effect.

5. Flexible strip design for easy installation and layout.

6. Employs high CRI LEDs, available in CRI>90, CRI>95, or full spectrum (2835 series only), ensuring superior color rendering.

7. Customizable starting color temperature options, such as starting from 2700K, are available upon request. LED strip customization is one of DENO's strengths; feel free to inquire.


3. Product Series

To cater to various applications, Deno Company offers several specifications in the Dim to Warm LED strip light series:

      1. 2835 SMD LEDs Dim to Warm LED strip: 168 LEDs total, with 84 pcs of 1800K and 84 pcs of 4000K.
      2. 2216 SMD LEDs Dim to Warm LED strip: 224 LEDs total, with 112 pcs of 1800K and 112 pcs of 4000K.
      3. High-density Dim to Warm LED strip: 420 LEDs total, with 210 pcs of 1800K and 210 pcs of 4000K.
      4. SOB process Dim to Warm LED strip: 420 LEDs total, with 210 pcs of 1800K and 210 pcs of 4000K, ensuring no pixelation.


4. Application Scenarios

Dim to Warm LED strip lights are ideal for residential, hotel, and commercial spaces, enhancing the ambiance with warm and comfortable lighting. They provide users with an intelligent and user-friendly lighting experience. As technology continues to evolve, we anticipate further innovative developments in these products.

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