10mm | 24V | 300LEDs | 14.4W | 10cut | #14840 | 2216 Micro-Cut RGB LED strip light

This flexible Micro-Cut RGB LED strip light features R/G/B 2216 SMD LEDs, with a density of 300 LEDs per meter, achieving a Dot-Free lighting effect. It is widely compatible with most controllers available on the market, similar to classic RGB LED strips. The PCB is only 10mm wide, and its standout feature is the minimal cutting length of just 10mm, allowing for blind cutting even when installed within neon silicone tubing. This makes it highly versatile for various lengths of aluminum profiles or spatial installations. It is popular for its flexibility and customizable options for power, silk-screening, or labeling, available in small batches. Feel free to contact our sales team anytime to discuss your specific needs.

Suitable for decorative backlighting and indirect lighting for showcases, shelves, cabinets, billboards, signage hotels, gardens, bridges, corridors, ceilings, stairs, floors, coves, theaters, lifts, etc.

Technical Details

Part No.


SMD Type

2216 SMD




DC 24V

Power Option


Lumen/m (max.)

691 lm/m

Lumen/W (max.)

48 lm/W



PCB Width


Beam Angle


IP Process







5 years

Related Specifications

Length(max.):  5M(16.4′)¹⁾

Cutting unit: 10mm(0.393”)

LED spacing: 3.33mm(0.131”)

LED Height:  1.00mm(0.03′′)

Mounting: 3M (USA)

Min. bend: Φ60mm (2.36″)

Copper foil:  3oz²⁾

On-off times: 10000

Eye security: IEC 62471³⁾

Certification: UL

Certified: CE/RoHS

EMC compliance: EN 55015

¹⁾ Single-sided input can reach up to 5 meters, while dual-sided input extends up to 10 meters. Micro-Cut RGB LED strip is packaged and shipped with a default length of 5 meters per roll,
with one end soldered connecting wires.
²⁾ 3oz means a thickness of 3 times 34.79µm. rather than the commonly used 25µm or 18µm per ounce in the market.
³⁾ This standard specifies the safety requirements for light sources concerning human eyes and skin, particularly for the blue light hazard assessment of LED light sources.

Product Photo-electric Parameters

Power CRI Wavelength Color LM/m LM/W ErP 2019
14.4W 454 RGB 691 48 G
5.8W 658 R 104 18 G
5.4W 500 G 545 101 E
3W 454 B 54 18 G

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