This light series use the flexible PCB instead of the traditional rigid PCB. For backlighting solutions which are sensitive to curvy and space, requiring the thinnest lighting solutions, flexible panel light is the most suitable option.

Integration of LED light source, secondary optical treatment on membrane top, with exceptionally wide beam angle of 160°, much wider angle than the normal LED strip.

Membrane top is encapsulated with environmental silicon material, which has high light transmittance, high temperature resistance. and can be reflow soldered to protect the led chip well. It has large-area bracket heat sink, fast heat conduction, and low light decay.

Single LED cuttable, the mini size is : 48mm*48mm.

Flexible cutting design, can be divided into various shapes, like linear, square, rectangular, letters, symbols etc., used in advertising words, sign light boxes or special installation scenarios.

Technical Details

Part No.


SMD Type

2835 SMD


50 LEDs/m


DC 24V

Power Option

≤ 60W/m

Lumen/m (max.)


Lumen/W (max.)





Ra ≥80

PCB Width


Beam Angle


Related Specifications

Length: 480*240mm(18.89*9.44′′)

Cutting Unit: 1LEDs/48*48mm(18.89*18.89′′)

LED Spacing: 48mm(1.88′′)

LED Height: 5.9mm(0.232′′)

Mounting: 3M tape

Min. Bend Diameter: Φ60mm(2.362′′)

IP Rate: IP20

Product Photo-electric Parameters

Power CRI Color Color Temperature LM/m LM/W Energy Efficiency Class
36W Ra≥80 WW 2700K 2840 76 G
36W Ra≥80 WW 3000K 2970 79 G
36W Ra≥80 NW 4000K 3100 83 G
36W Ra≥80 NW 5000K 3290 88 F
36W Ra≥80 PW 6500K 3475 93 F

Product Accessories

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