Special LED Strip Lights,Customized Design is Warmly Welcome !


Our engineer can make PCB drawing according your requirement,make sample after your confirmation or can
make sample as 
your PCB drawing, Professional engineer team can provide prefessional service.we have our own FPC
factory to make sure soon 
response for your special need,We have secrecy agreement on speical design with customer.

Here is some special design case after customer agreement,we will keep our right to re-print it without our permission.


Customized Design is Warmly Welcome !

Valued current of Samsung 5630 is 150mA, we only drive to 40-60mA in standard LED strips due to heat sink issue.One customer request
higher flux,so we have to drive this LED to 130mA.According to client’s application equipment and LED heat sink issue, we customize this
product for customer.Add aluminum plate on the back of soldering LED, integrate FPC with aluminum plate by hot pressing to ensure best
heat dissipation.And the aluminum plate never fall off. The hole in FPC and aluminum plate is easy for fixing in the client’s equipment.

Customized FPC

FPC and aluminum plate have same hole position. Integrate them by hot processing,not 3M sticking to make FPC and aluminum plate
pressed more firmly,so that the heat can transfer to aluminum plate instantaneously,equivalent to the entire aluminum plate heat sink. 

It also can meet the request of 0-360°bending during installation.


Customize Different FPC for LED Strip Lights

We can customize different FPC in different color, shape ,with hole or not , stiffeners like that according to your demand. 

We response quickly and ensure good quality to help improve your competitiveness in the market. We must be your best partner.


Add stiffening FPC on the back of LED soldering point. Advantage: Better for heat sink.

Customized FPC

PCB with holes Designed for special middle installations


Ultra narrow FPC

Ultra narrow width, high density.


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