DENO Lights


Ultra-Narrow PCB

  • 2835 Ultra-Narrow PCB LED Strip
  • 3528 Ultra-Narrow PCB LED Strip
  • 5630 Ultra-Narrow PCB LED Strip
  • Thin width board Flexible Strip Series

    Ultra-Narrow Width PCB LED Strip Light Series

    Specially used for slim aluminum profile or heat sink.
    Welcome to customize more Ultra-narrow width Flexible LED strip lights.



  • 3528 Multi-line LED Strip
  • 5630 Double-line LED Strip
  • 2835 Double-line LED Strip
  • 5050 Multi-line LED Strip
  • Double-Line / Multi-Line LED Strips Series

    Multi-Line Flexible LED Light Strips Series

    Welcome to customize Multi-line Flexible LED strip lights.


    Two Chips In One

  • 2Chips in One 3528 CCT
  • 2Chips in One 5050 CCT
  • 2 chips in one LED CCT Adjustable Flexible Strip Series

    2 chips in one SMD CCT Adjustable LED Strip Series

    2 chips in One LED use special production techniques, which adopts single led with double chips White and warm white as light source, it’s completely solve the market defect of mixing color no uniform and poor.


    CC version

  • CC 3528 LED Strips
  • CC 5630 LED Strips
  • CC 2835 LED Strips
  • CC 5050 LED Strips
  • Current Flexible LED Strip

    Constant Current Flexible LED Strip Series

    Not need Constant Current Supply. this IC will convert DC24V to CC for the LED.
    With the working temperature rises, the current will decrease, which can ensure the LED strip do not over heat and work longer.


    CV version

  • 2016 LED STRIPS
  • 2835 LED STRIPS
  • 3528 LED STRIPS
  • 5050 LED STRIPS
  • 5630 LED STRIPS
  • 3014 LED STRIPS
  • Cnstant Voltage LED Strip

    Constant Volatge LED Strip Series

    We can offer a Color Rendering Index (CRI) over 90 to 97, the high CRI flexible LED strip light product is an solution for commercial applications needing maximum brightness to highlight features.

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