IP65-Heat-Shrinkable-Tube Light Strip

IPXX, where XX is two Arabic numerals.
The first marking number indicates contact protection and foreign protection level,
The second marking number indicates waterproof protection level,
The larger the number means that its protection level is better.
First digit 6: Dust confinement: Dust cannot enter the entire diameter of the object and cannot exceed the gap of the shell.
Second digit 5: Water spray: spraying water from any direction against the shell will not cause harmful effects.

Basic Parameters

  • IP Rate: IP65
  • Material: Heat-Shrinkable-Tube
  • Suitable for FPC width: 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 20mm
  • Technology: Made by hand
  • Bend Diameter: >60mm
  • Length: 1-10M



FPC Width 6mm: W*6.5-H*1.8mm-(L*5M)FPC Width 8mm: W*8.5-H*1.8mm-(L*7M)FPC Width 10mm: W*10.5-H*1.8mm-(L*10M)FPC Width 12mm: W*12.5-H*1.8mm-(L*10M)FPC Width 20mm: W*20.5-H*1.8mm-(L*10M)Material: The heat shrinkable tubeApplication: Suitable for damp environments

Photo-electric Parameters

  • Power CRI Color Color Temperature LM/m LM/W Energy Efficiency Class
  • - - - - - -

Product Picture


  • Image Model Name Description
  • DL-C-RGB Controller Input voltage: 12-24V, Rated current: 6A, used for color temperature adjustment of RGB light strips
  • DL-C-WW Controller Used for LED light strip brightness adjustment
  • DL-PS-11 Power Supply Input: 100~240V, Output: 12~24V, Rated current: 12V20A, 24V10A,