The Structure Of LED Lamp Beads?


. An LED light source is composed of a bracket, chip, glue, phosphor, and wire.

. The LED bracket is generally made of copper (there are also iron, aluminum, ceramics, etc.). Because copper has good conductivity, there will be leads inside it to connect the electrodes inside the LED lamp beads.


. The high-end light source wires are all 0.999 pure gold wires with diameters of 0.8mil and 1.0mil.


Phosphors are used to adjust the color temperature of the light source.

Common mid-to-high-end chips are: American CREE、Bridgelux; Japan Nichia;Germany Osam;Korea Samsung; Taiwan EPISTAR;


 After the LED lamp bead is packaged and formed, the lamp bead can be removed from the bracket, and the copper feet at both ends of the lamp bead become the positive and negative electrodes of the lamp bead, which are used for welding to LED lamp or other LED products.